Tablet Paal

Phone Paal

The Tablet Paal.  
Surround your tablet with a full set of large and versatile handles.  Make reading easier.  No more fingerprints and smudges on the screen.  Protect your device, and feel confident to hand your expensive tablet to children.
  • Patented adjustable design will fit small devices such as the iPad mini, up to the iPad Pro.
  • Also compatible with most other tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle, and Windows tablets.
  • Great for children with small hands.
  • The "Hover Hold" design will protect your expensive tablet when it is dropped.  The tablet will never touch the ground, and the Corner Cages will absorb the impact.  
  • The Hover Hold design allows air to flow around your device and prevents heat buildup.

Please check back while we finalize the design and production line.