Phone Paal and Sports.

The patented Phone Frame is found only on the Phone Paal.  It provides a solid grip on your phone, and the design helps prevent your phone from accidentally falling out.
The Phone Paal will keep the lens in its proper place, even under rigorous sporting conditions --something that no other clip-on lens can do.



The snow skier shows that he is recording with a phone using a Phone Paal and a small wide-angle lens.  Even though this selfie video was recorded with the camera in the skier's hand, a wide-lens is able to capture the subject and the full scenery.


Mountain biking:

The rugged design of the Phone Paal keeps the lens in proper position even during bumpy activities.

Even at arm's length, a Phone Paal will let you use lenses that are needed to capture life's best moments.


Aggressive skating with a Phone Paal



The Phone Frame keeps your lens on your phone where it belongs--something that no other product can guarantee.