Learn about the Phone Paal

The Phone Paal -- the Phone Attachment for Accessories and Lenses.
The Phone PAAL is easy to use:
1. Position your phone into the frame.
2. Lightly tighten the screws, both top and sides.
3. Line up the lens ring with the camera on your phone.

Add lenses.  Attach accessories.  Mount onto a tripod.

  • Add zoom lenses and wide lenses to your phone.  Attach accessories.  
  • No need to remove your phone from its case.
  • Mount your phone onto a tripod or selfie stick.

As an added benefit, you will appreciate the comfortable grip the Phone Paal adds to your phone when taking pictures.  The “handles” gives the phone a more traditional feeling of holding a camera—no more dropped phones.  The Phone Paal adds another layer of protection to your phone when you accidentally drop it.  

We do not use a special lens connection that requires an adapter. The Phone Paal uses a 37mm lens connection--the most common size.  You are not limited to any particular brand or manufacturer of lenses. We do not make you buy a proprietary lens from us.  You do not have to permanently attach a lens connector or magnet to your phone or case.