The Phone Paal is compatible with different phones.

The Phone Paal uses the patented Phone Frame to get a secure grip on your phone.  The unique design also adjusts to work with phone from different manufacturers.  The adjustable design will also fit around your phone case, so you do not have to remove your phone from its case to use the Phone Paal.

The Phone Frame feature will let you use your Phone Paal with your future phone upgrades.  Realize that many accessories that are made for an iPhone 4 will not work on an iPhone 5, and same for iPhone 5 to iPhone 6.  The same incompatibility exists for the Samsung Galaxy 4, 5, and 6.  If you upgrade, you also have to buy new accessories--but not with the Phone Paal.

Here are some of the most popular phones being used in the Phone Paal.  Of course, the versatility of the Phone Paal works with a whole lot more.




The versatility of the Phone Frame can is seen in the example below--there is a significant difference in size between an iPhone 6 and LG.

The Phone Paal works perfectly with both of them.