Better lenses

Your lens is an investment that you will have for a very long time, and you will use it to preserve memories that will last a lifetime.  Be sure you buy a great lens the first time!  
The lenses offered by Phone Paal are manufactured by Optronics, an industry leader in lens design and production.  The maximized diameter of the lenses produce the sharpest pictures, and no out-of-focus edges.
The Phone Paal lenses are compact--small enough to carry in your pocket or purse.  Every lens comes with a stylish protective bag and lens caps.
Other lens companies may produce lenses that appear similar in size and function.  However, the quality of glass is inferior.
Don't let your enjoyment of photography end up with disappointing pictures caused by using cheap stick-on or clip-on lenses.  These low quality lenses produce out-of-focus pictures and blurry edges.  There's a reason these under-sized lenses cost less than a cup of coffee.
The patented Phone Frame assures that your lens stays on your phone--something that other products cannot guarantee.